From 1 April 2020 members of both Police Health and Emergency Services Health funds who hold Extras cover are able to choose Counselling or Psychology rebates up to a combined annual maximum of $850 per person. Both funds will also allow their members to access any unused annual maximum from the previous year.

What services are claimable through Police and Emergency Services Health Funds?

Police and Emergency Services Health funds offer rebates to their members for Individual, Couple/Family and Group consultations. Rebates are available for Standard (50-70 minutes) Consultations and Long (71-90 minutes) Consultations.  These consultations fall under three categories:


Counselling relating to relationships with partner or family member(s)


Counselling relating to addictions or substance dependence


Counselling relating to stress, anxiety, loss/grief, phobias and depression.

It’s great to see that more and more private health funds are recognising the important work of Counsellors and Psychotherapist by offering their customers rebates and services. Please reach out to your health fund or get in touch if you require further info.

Photo by lucas law on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This article contains the views of the author and is not a replacement for therapeutic support. Please reach out to a registered therapist if you are experiencing distress and require assistance.